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    Our Target: Centralized Source of Information in Luxembourg

    Today, we have thousand of web-sites, Facebook pages, social media tools, various accounts etc. And the result is we are lost - it doesn't facilitate the task of advertising for your activity or business OR the task of search for your friends, customers, members etc.

    CANTONS.LU was developed in order to help to BOTH sides (Event/Service/Product Information Providers and Potential consumers/customers) to connect at ONE point in Luxembourg: CANTONS.LU portal (web-site - 12 Facebook pages - Application (IOS/Android) - E- end Printed Edition - Youtube Channel).

    If you would be happy to join Cantons.LU Community, please, follow all 5 steps described above in order to understand better the spirit of community. You are welcome to write us at contact@cantons.lu or at our Facebook pages, if you have any question about.

    For those, who will be registered as a member and join Cantons.LU Luxembourg Business Community, Cantons.LU UNION will help find partners for your projects, support each other promotion, organise commun events and LIVE meetings in order to discuss between members how the portal can be improved, rise questions/answers/proposals, including social interactions, of course.

    Please, learn more about through our videos below, check Cantons.LU website, sign-up to Youtube channel and get all the options within our Application Cantons.LU++.

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